Ernie Pang

Ernie Pang - ITEAS Group

Ernie Pang is the “President of Practicality” at ITEAS Group.

Ernie eats, drinks and sleeps innovation, business and competitive analysis. He’s the guy who sets the tone for process and performance at ITEAS Group.

Even after more than 20 years in business, he’s still enthralled every day by what’s new out there. Here’s a warning: Don’t ever go grocery shopping with Ernie. It’s likely to turn into a two-hour store check!

Ernie’s professional involvement with small, medium and large marketing organizations has stamped him with an instinct for balancing process discipline and intuition. He worked twelve years for the Kellogg Company in Battle Creek, Michigan, most recently as Director of Marketing in ready-to-eat cereal innovation.

Before that, Ernie spent several years with Slim-Fast Foods, then an independent highly entrepreneurial company, and L&F Products, the makers of Lysol Disinfectant household cleaning products, both primarily in marketing and innovation roles. He earned his MBA from York University in Toronto, Canada. Ernie also has a very creative side. When you get to know him you’ll learn that he earned an undergraduate degree in Visual Arts and that he is an accomplished musician (all self-taught).