Our Services

Our diverse experience has taught us the virtues of big-company process discipline and small-company intuition and agility. We customize process steps based on client risk tolerance and financial resources, incorporating proprietary tools to optimize output.

We serve our clients in these key areas:

Basis for Interest

  • Market/category assessments
  • Retail audits
  • Internal capability assessments
  • Opportunity definition
  • Strategy development


  • Insight mining
  • Ideation facilitation
  • Early Idea filtering
  • Internal fit assessment
  • Rough concept development

Concept Development

  • Focus groups facilitation
  • Ethnography
  • On-line qualitative
  • Rough concept prioritization
  • Idea optimization
  • Concept finalization

Concept Validation

  • Quantitative screening
  • Volumetric projections
  • Concept optimization


  • Calendar development
  • Concept prioritization
  • Phasing of initiatives
  • Product development
  • Packaging concept development
  • Positioning
  • Marketing mix recommendations