About Us


Introducing ITEAS Group … a team of seasoned professionals experienced in innovation, communications, marketing and marketing research techniques, who joined forces based on the insight that organizations thirst for more effective and  balanced approaches to innovation. We deliver on that insight via innovative insight generation and ideation, plus timely, efficient, actionable and sustainable execution.

We are driven by three burning beliefs:

  • That all great ideas start with the single spark of a remarkable insight.
  • That it takes experience – a practiced eye – to sense and nurture true breakthrough ideas.
  • That strong discipline is required to build brilliant flashes into marketplace realities.

We offer our clients a full range of innovation services depending on their specific needs:  Basis for Interest Analysis, Insight Generation and Ideation, Concept Development, Concept Validation, and Implementation. Our diverse experience has taught us the virtues of both big-company process discipline and small-company intuition and agility. We customize process steps based on client risk tolerance and financial resources, incorporating proprietary tools to optimize output.

Our professionals have broad and deep experience in industries and categories ranging from consumer packaged food, to other consumer products and services, business-to-business products and services, foodservice, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, financial services and education. They have rich experience with some of the largest companies on the planet – Procter & Gamble, The Kellogg Company, Shell/Pennzoil, Abbott, Lilly, and many others – as well as numerous regional and local organizations of all types.

Successful new products and services are launched against all odds.

  • It takes 3,000 “raw ideas” for each commercial success.
  • It takes 7 ideas in development, for each marketplace winner.
  • At launch, at least 1 of 3 products fails despite research and planning.

Today the stakes are even higher. Consumers are demanding more and more in value, quality and safety.  Technologies are enabling faster and more innovations. The result, an average reduction in product lifecycles as much as 400%. So the ideas an organization chooses to bet on have never been more important.

In times like these you need Practical Inspiration. You need ITEAS Group.